The Voyage of Discovery

The path to transforming society, organizations, and individuals we refer to as the Voyage of Discovery.  Transforming the thinking of individuals and the business models of organizations doesn’t happen over night, and no individual or organization’s Compression Voyage will be the same.  The Compression Institute will guide your journey by providing learning materials, peer-to-peer learning groups, and workshops.

The above video depicts how Moraudo Autos’ sustainability initiative evolved into a deeper transformation voyage once they partnered with the Compression Institute.  Moraudo Autos is a fictitious small automaker with issues similar to many organizations throughout the world, and we hope the video inspires you to get involved and start your own voyage of discovery. 

Society must discovery ways to address the complex challenges we all face.
Organizations need to discover new ways of doing business in order to survive and thrive amidst these challenges.

Individuals must discover new ways of thinking or change will not happen.